Why get a specialist to Install your Rangehood

Many builders and tradesmen will tell you they can install your rangehood. Remember we are the experts especially with the external motor systems many brands use. As a result, we receive many phone calls from people asking why the rangehood is noisy, the extraction is poor or the unit is generally not performing up to expectation. This is usually because the installer does not understand the Schweigen/ Sirius system and treats it like any traditional rangehood.

Many brands may void the warranty if not installed correctly. The cheapest installation option is generally not always the best.

When to get in Contact with your specialist Rangehood installer?

Preferably in the beginning stages of your project so we can help with any potential installation issues you may have such as the location of the ducting, the position of the kitchen extractor fan, the size you may require and the type of cooking you do.

Why do I need a rangehood?

Rangehoods are very effective in removing moisture, smoke and odours before building up in your kitchen and home.

5 Things to consider when buying a Rangehood.


  • Which rangehood will compliment my kitchen design.


  • Depending on the type and quality of the rangehood.
  • Some brands involve a higher installation cost due to complexity of the installation.


  • Some brands offer quieter motors than others.

Extraction Rate

  • What type of cooking and frequency.

Can this Rangehood be installed in my home

  • In some cases external motors are not suitable. This can be determined with our specialist installer prior to purchasing.

Why consider a silent Rangehood?

Rangehoods are becoming a higher priority in the home as people are increasingly interested in cooking and enjoying their time in the kitchen. With open plan living, the kitchen is the focal point of the modern home and is usually close to the entertaining and dining area. Therefore, it is more important than ever to keep the area free of odours and to minimise noise from the kitchen.

Do I need a power point?

Yes, you will need to have a power outlet installed by an electrician either on the wall or in the roof, before we arrive. Please discuss the best position for this outlet with us.
You are free to use an electrician of your choice or we can arrange our electrician to provide this service for you.

Distances and location of Rangehood

When installing an undermount we advise a cupboard with a minimum depth of 400mm with the rangehood installed as far forward as possible to achieve the best product performance.

The distance from the cooktop to the Rangehood varies from 650mm - 750mm, however you should refer to the owner’s manual as different manufacturers will specify different heights. Installing the rangehood at the wrong height may void your warranty.

What materials do I need to supply?

When we arrive at your house, we have everything we need to complete your installation.

That’s why we ask many questions about your job before we arrive. You may be asked by a retailer to buy their ducting kits but without seeing your house, they don’t know exactly what will be required to complete your installation.